This volume is a collection of papers written by several researchers that have in common the use of bio-inspired models to approach formal and natural languages. The main goal of the volume is to promote interdisciplinarity among linguistics, biology and computation. The area of convergence between these three disciplines is giving rise to the emergence of new scientific paradigms that will have an epistemological, social and cultural impact.The book is organized around three thematic areas. Every area relates two of the three main topics: language, computation and biology.This volume stands out from existing publications because of its interdisciplinary nature. There has been a long tradition of interchanging methods among the aforementioned three disciplines, but it is difficult to find a single volume where this interchange of methods is shown. The volume includes chapters that clearly illustrate these interdisciplinary approaches and their benefits.This book will be of value to specialists who work in linguistics, biology or computation, and have interest in using methods from other disciplines that can provide new ideas, new tools and new formalisms to approach their problems, and that can help in the improvement of their theories and models.