Weave - Sculpt - Transform <br> <br> Break through the boundaries of traditional wirework jewelry to discover the world of intricate possibilities in Woven in Wire . As you weave, sculpt, and transform wire, award winning jeweler and wirework instructor Sarah Thompson guides you through the steps of achieving spectacular wearable art.<br> <br> Follow along as Sarah shares: Wire weaving fundamentals and her most prized techniques, helping you become a distinguished wire artist. Mastering form and symmetry as you create ornate necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. The final steps to becoming a wire-weaving master--dismantling and reassembling the woven components for truly transformative jewelry designs. As you work through the techniques and designs in Woven in Wire , your artistic power will grow, your skills will advance, and you will have the confidence to create your own intricate breathtakingly beautiful designs.