Impassioned but practical, this book dives into the topic of misogyny and proposes strategies for effective action. Misogyny (hatred of women) is nothing new, of course. Recently, though, new aspects of misogyny have emerged in our society that impact girls and women worldwide. Written for advocates of gender equality, Misogyny features: discussion of the various aspects of the misogyny, such as toxic masculinity and rape culture; community feedback, given the value of what we can learn from others' lived experiences; and a stress on activism, alongside tools to fight back against the phenomenon on the individual and political levels. Recent events prove that there is a strong hunger for a meaningful book to help activists understand the context of their concerns. In 2017, almost every day provided a new example of a woman being silenced or otherwise damaged by misogyny. Unlike most of the current "wake up call" texts on feminism, this book is aimed toward the people who are already aware of today's misogyny. Using a multi-generational approach, it will trace the history of misogyny and consider its meaning today -- what is new and what is old -- and explore the current state of feminism. Misogyny is a timely text that offers concrete guidance as we yearn to thrive in the egalitarian society we are (still, despite the latest setbacks) on the cusp of becoming.