Booklist Review
As bee populations decline, children's books on the topic seem to proliferate. Here comes another wonderful offering, designed to introduce bees to young audiences, show how they live and go about making honey, and offer encouragement to protect bees and ensure their future. Unlike many other DK products that feature photos, this picture book employs very effective illustrations laid out in logical and appealing spreads. Detailed, captioned close-ups, side-by-side comparison charts, and paths indicated by arrows (and the occasional helpful bee) guide young readers through specifics, keeping content engaging and accessible. The concluding suggestions for action, such as how to behave around bees or what to plant in bee-friendly gardens, are helpful and practical. One graphic indicates that one out of three mouthfuls of food that we eat has been made with the help of pollinators such as bees. These kinds of facts help bring the material into focus, making this an excellent supplement for classroom units or for sharing at home.--McBroom, Kathleen Copyright 2018 Booklist