Library Journal Review
Vetigo's Eisner Award-winning series returns in a new hardcover edition. A genre-mashing exploration of faith, this mixes horror, the supernatural, and conspiracy theories into a road movie recalling classic American Western tropes. Here, Ennis (Battlefieds; Back to Brooklyn) follows man of the cloth Jesse Custer, his hit man girlfriend, and vampire best friend as they flee a bizarre assortment of miscreants while searching for God. At its release, this was one of the first Vertigo titles to push the boundaries of sex, violence, and language aggressively. While some of its pop culture references have grown dated, the overarching themes and entertaining storytelling still resonate strongly a decade later. Verdict Essential for Hellblazer and Transmetropolitan fans, this will have broad appeal among aficionados of adult-themed graphic novels. The budget-conscious may want to pass on this edition, however; the hardcover price gets you only a short two-page introduction and 15 pages of pin-up art.-David Ward, Univ. of Illinois Undergraduate Lib., Urbana (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Booklist Review
The eponym of Ennis and Dillon's late-1990s comic is reprobate turned clergyman Jesse Custer, who is possessed by the spirit Genesis, the spawn of an angel and a demon's unholy mating. Upon Genesis' birth, God abandoned heaven, and Jesse, whose merger with the powerful spirit gave him the ability to make people obey his utterances, set off on a mission to find him and bring him back. Accompanied by pistol-toting girlfriend Tulip and hard-drinking Irish vampire Cassidy (also, occasionally, by the ghost of John Wayne), Jesse made a cross-country trek that became the most gloriously outrageous, willfully offensive saga ever to hit mainstream comics. Ennis' gift for memorable characters shows not only in the core trio but also in their odious adversaries, including Jesse's repellant, wheelchair-bound grandmother. Dillon's handsome drawing style makes even talking-heads sequences compelling and ever-so-slightly desensationalizes the persistent mayhem and bloodshed. The new, resequenced Preacher collections let longtime fans retrace Jesse's quest and newcomers discover one of the most talked-about comics of its era.--Flagg, Gordon Copyright 2009 Booklist