Booklist Review
The five dragonets, who prophecy has foretold will end the great dragon war, have escaped from their protective home to see the real world only to realize that things are far graver than they were ever taught. Adapted from Sutherland's middle-grade series, the story is surprisingly riveting; the politics involved between the warring factions and dragon races makes for great world building, and the war-torn world, complete with gladiatorial-style fights and backstabbings, is an intriguing backdrop for the five dragons' development. Comparisons to other fantasy properties are inevitable, but Sutherland and Holmes' series starter escapes most of those tropes and blazes its own path. The accompanying artwork, which is a bit bloodier than one might imagine for a kid's graphic novel, depicts the results of the dragon war, such as a bloody dragon battle and a few dragon murders. Holmes tones down the gore just enough, and his anime-like scenes, with bright colorization and expressive character design, nicely downplay the violence and emphasize the high-stakes action. Sure to be a hit among fantasy-adventure fans.--Blenski, Peter Copyright 2018 Booklist