Booklist Review
Climbing-prodigy Peak Marcello has scaled skyscrapers and summited mountains before the age of 16, but crossing the tropical rain forest is deadlier than he bargained for. Fellow young climber Alessia and her bodyguard, Ethan, invite Peak on a mission to measure the height of a remote mountain in Myanmar, but first they must brave the surrounding jungle. Out of their alpine element, Peak and his friends confront vicious wildlife, unforgiving terrain, and foes who will stop at nothing to keep the team from reaching the mountain. Surprising allies new and old join Peak for the trek and the treacherous climb to come. The third book of Peak's adventures includes the same engaging narration, exotic settings, and plentiful perils that won the series' debut high praise, but the sequels have fallen short of the first's originality and sharp storytelling. A rambling plot and flat secondary characters do little to draw in new readers, but fans of Peak's wilderness exploits and his refreshingly old-school, antitechnology attitude will settle for a series installment shy of the heights of Everest.--Kelly, Carolyn Copyright 2018 Booklist